Gordon Wildman Photography

April 2017

Images are viewed through a lightbox.  Click an image and the lightbox opens a large version of the image.  Click outside the image and the lightbox will go away.  You can navigate left and right by clicking inside the image on the left or right side of any page that has multiple images or videos.  This works for the YouTube videos and the Google Map as well.


photo at gordonwildman dot com

About Me:

My interest in photography began around the age of 11 or 12 with a Kodak Instamatic camera then quickly moved on to a Nikon 35mm camera in high school.  As I began travelling the world and hiking in the Pacific Northwest my passion for photography grew.  Creating images now is more of a challenge than when I began this process,and that is what makes photography so compelling. I hope you enjoy your visit. Thanks to all who have been supportive.  Sincerely, Gordon Wildman

About the Website:

All of the links to navigate your way around can be found at the top of every page. A drop down menu has all the links to each of the galleries and information pages. All of the links are alphabetical from top to bottom in each category. Gordon Wildman Photography at the top of every page is a link to the Home Page. This website is, has, and will be a work in progress.  Having no training in web design, the process has been and is a continual learning experience.  Over time the look has been refined, and the photographs enlarged as more people gain access to broadband.  There are over 1000+ images on this site, of which, around 98% are digital. YouTube High Definition videos, slide shows, how to, and historical photography videos have also been added.